Cotton is grown in large quantities all over the world, mainly in tropical and subtropical regions, where cotton grows on huge plantations on small bushes. The cotton fibers envelop the seeds of the plant so that the wind can spread them, the seeds also store the water for germination. The main cotton growing countries are -in order of largest producers: China, India, USA, Pakistan, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Australia, Turkey, Greece and Mexico.

AngelsAmbition uses almost exclusively organic cotton: the abbreviation means controlled organic cultivation and comes from producers who do not use genetic modification and chemicals in cultivation. The project kbA is supported by the European Union. Cotton grown according to the strict guidelines may then also be called organic cotton.

One of the most important properties of cotton is that, unlike synthetic fibers, it is very absorbent and even more tear-resistant when wet than when dry. It does not scratch, but is soft and pleasant to the skin. It also has a low allergy potential and has a high capacity to absorb dirt and oils.

Care instructions:

  • Wash the garment "inside out" on a gentle cycle up to 30 degrees or as indicated on the care label.
  • Wash the garment in similar colors
  • Use detergent without optical brighteners, preferably mild detergent
  • Iron the nightwear at max. 2 points, if possible with steam
  • Cotton also shrinks when dried in the dryer. Only dry your garments in the dryer if this is indicated on the care label. If drying is allowed, choose the easy-care or synthetic program if possible; this takes longer, but dries more gently at a low temperature and the risk of shrinkage is lower.


  • Cotton is one of the fine fibers. The longer a fiber is, the finer it generally is. The finer the fiber the softer its feel.
  • Cotton has relatively poor thermal insulation due to its smooth surface. However, by roughening it, it is possible to produce textiles that keep warm.
  • Cotton can absorb a lot of moisture and therefore dries very slowly.
  • Due to its fineness and softness, cotton is very skin-friendly.
  • The abrasion and durability of cotton is very good.
  • The elasticity of cotton is very low and therefore it creases a lot.
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