Spandex (EL) are synthetic filament yarns consisting of at least 85% by weight of segmented polyurethane. The main raw material for the production of the fibers is petroleum. The peculiarity of this fiber is that it can be stretched by three times its length under the action of a tensile force, and immediately return to its original position after unloading. Spandex is never processed on its own, but only in blends- at AngelsAmbition usually with cotton.

Care instructions:

Please always follow the instructions on the sewn-in care labels. Spandex can be washed as delicates up to 40°C without any problems. Caution: Do not wash at temperatures above 100°C. Should only be ironed moderately hot.


  • finer and more durable than rubber thread
  • therefore good tensile strength
  • insensitive to sweat, cosmetics
  • may turn gray and yellow
  • sensitive to bleaching agents containing chlorine
  • very elastic
  • resistant to aging and chemical action
  • good washability
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